Echoes from a Distant Past

I wrote the essay below nearly 8(!) years ago. Weird how much I've foreshadowed my concerns near graduation. Forgive the cookie-cutter phrasing and lazy plot - »

On Execution

At the launch of The Birthday Book, the editor paid Aaron Maniam1 what I considered the greatest compliment ever. He said, and I paraphrase, that "Aaron's »

2015 Year in Books

So this blog had no posts in 2015. Although I didn't write anything, I did manage to read a bit. Quick thoughts on what stood out. »

Locked and Loaded

What would you do if you got the opportunity to execute literally any idea you felt like for a class project? Get frozen in indecision, that's »

The Planning Fallacy

It is pretty epic how the human mind (read: me!) manages to both 'know' something as a fact and yet not internalize its relevance. A rather »